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Shane was born on October 27th, 2002 at 3:24am, in Blacktown hospital, Blacktown. Erika and Michaels son. Brother to Clarissa Jayne Autumn, EDD, 17th of February 2004. Shane had Brown hair and brown eyes, like his mum, and cute little ears and nose, like his father. Shane was 7 pounds and 4 ounces, and was 18 inches long. He was a dream come true, He brought so much joy and happiness into everyoneís life, Shane was 1 week early, but, doctors said, that it was time for him to come out and see what the world was like. 3 days after we gave birth, we came home, Shane settled in very quickly, as soon as we came through the door, he opened his eyes, as wide and they could go, and I shown him around the backyard and shown him all the flowers, and our dog. Shane was getting tired, after seeing all this, so then we put him in his basinet. He looked so cute, while he was asleep. 2 months went by, and Shane started getting sick, we admitted him in the hospital 3 times in one month, because, he was having difficulty breathing, doctors diagnosed him with Severe bronchitis, the doctor was treating him, as an asthmatic, but he said, it should get better, after a while, he gave Shane some medication, to help him breathe.

After 4 days in the hospital we came home, we were exhausted, After a few days we noticed the improvement in Shane, The medication was almost gone, so we had to go back to the doctor to get some more. Shane was a normal little boy again, full of energy, and was gurgling. After 3 months, Of excitement, Shane got sick again, only this time it was worst, we admitted him to the hospital once, again, he was hooked up to so many machines, and on medication, he looked so fragile, So lifeless,, he was pale, and exhausted. After a whole week at the hospital, The doctor gave him the all clear. Although, he said, that he wants Shane to have a check up every 2nd day, To make sure everything was alright. As we were coming home, Shane feel asleep in the car, he was obviously exhausted by all the things, that were done to him. Everyone felt sorry for him, he had the bad run of the flu, At some point I just wanted to give up, and end the whole thing, but Everyone had will power and they made sure, Shane would live through this, After 3 weeks of being at home, Shane was a happy little boy again, he was smiling and gurgling away, more then ever before.I was so happy, he was a changed boy.

When I thought everything was going good, everything was going wrong, Shane was turning blue, he was having an asthma attack, he was cold, and shivering, we put him on his medication again, to stop it, but it didnít work, we wrapped him up in a thermal blanket, and called the ambulance, the ambulance came 5 minutes later. Shane was put into intensive care, where he was hooked up to so many machines again, to help him breathe, he looked so tired, he kept falling asleep, but he couldnít because, there was so many people talking, At around 10:30pm on the 5th of June, he had suffered another asthma attack even more powerful then the one before hand, I was a total wreck, I bursted out into tears, I couldnít handle it anymore I just wanted to hold him in my arms. At 11:30pm he died, he had suffered his final asthma attack, he didnít have the will power to go on, we said, goodbye, I collapsed, I was in shock, It felt like it was all a dream, but it wasnít, it was real, 5 days later we had his funeral, Shane was a loving child, he was always so full of life, he never showed any signs of unhappiness, One day We will meet again, in heaven, where all the angels are. Until then, May you rest in peace.



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