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Baby Loss Support Group
A group for those misfortunate enough to have suffered the loss of a baby
through late miscarriage, late termination due to a problematic pregnancy,
stillbirth, neonatal death or death of a baby in their first year.

Forever Sleeping Angels
A place of love and support for anybody that has lost a child.
All of the members here are united by this common bond and are here for
each other every day in whatever way is needed

Forever Remembered
A place for you to come and express how you are feeling and to talk to
people that know what you are going through. We are a support group that is
here for comfort and understanding.

I'd like to thank the following people

My mum, dad, brother
All my relatives, and close friends
and Westmead Children's Hospital, who helped me through this hard time,
and taught me life always goes on.

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